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Pragmatic, target-oriented, humane, up to date.

Our goal: to give the participants a practical and job-related learning experience, always adapted to conform to the requirements and knowledge of the group. Using effective and pragmatic training methods, such as business games, role plays and other forms of simulation, a transfer of everyday knowledge is accomplished, achieving a lasting effect for the participant and, of course, the employer. The results are further backed up through the use of feedback forms, personal projects and plans of action by the participants as well as using our telephone hotline  - +49 201 841329 -

Our training style is characterised by:

  1. Common sense
  2. Practice-related and participant-oriented content
  3. Dynamic and interactive workshops and seminars which are challenging and fun for the participants
  4. Pragmatic implementation of the contents with high transfer content
  5. The use of effective and practical training methods, such as planning games, role plays and other forms of simulation
  6. A scientific base:
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Applied Transaction Analyses (TA)
    • Theory of motivation according to Maslow
    • AIDA process in motivation and sales

You and your company are our focal point. We listen to you!

  • Which approaches are the right ones for you and your particular situation?
  • How can you achieve your objectives?
  • What do you wish to do better and what would you prefer to do without?
  • And how can we be of assistance in all of this?

More and more frequently, specialist knowledge alone is no longer sufficient. Many of our clients have recognised that, in addition to pure specialist knowledge, skills such as:

  • the ability to integrate into a team,
  • to initiate and accompany change processes
  • to solve conflicts

are increasingly required. The so-called soft skills, often referred to as social competence, have become very important factors in achieving success. Organisational changes, efficient group work and project organization are based on communication. As a result the ability to work in a team is becoming increasingly decisive.

Of course, the classic skills and capabilities must not be forgotten. Time Management, Presentation Skills and Effective Problem Solving Techniques are examples of topics that are frequently relevant and important.

To meet your requirements, we at JETS International have further expanded our classic seminar repertoire for today’s management and personnel development training needs. Details can be seen from the current list set out below


  • Appraisal meetings
  • Relationship management in an intercultural environment
  • Job interviews
  • Successful leadership through enthusiasm
  • Feedback discussions
  • Leadership by motivation
  • Fundaments of successful communication
  • Conflict management
  • Creativity within the team
  • Leadership and management programmes
  • Performance discussions
  • Presentation techniques
  • Recognising and solving problems
  • Public Speaking
  • Stress management
  • Team building and management
  • Change and motivation
  • Negotiating for results
  • Finding and agreeing objectives

Your requirements and objectives are all important in the development of your tailor-made programme. Contact us - your programme is developed to your individual needs.


Would you like to manage your training activities yourselves? Always be flexible in deciding what is done, when and with whom? Then the Training Manual developed for you by JETS is exactly the right thing. You have the possibility of having trainers from amongst your ranks trained by JETS. You will be provided with a tool with which you can have your staff trained in-house, independent of external trainers and, naturally, tailored to your needs.

With this alternative, which is quickly amortised when compared with many external measures, you can achieve depth and width, managing the learning effect yourselves via the regularity of the training given. Thanks to the modular structure of the manuals, the topics are interchangeable. You determine the content – we provide the format.