“It is absolute salvation to have some sympathetic friend to whom you can think aloud without restraint or misgiving”.            (Woodrow Wilson) 

... a coach, too!

The “human being” is in the centre of focus; holistically seen. Together we identify, organise and handle the challenges and topics affecting or blocking the person’s goals – carried through to completion and the transfer to the workplace has been achieved.

In the working world of today, coaching…

… is being used more and more as an instrument of targeted personnel development. Although mainly for managers, it is also essential for new employees in decisive or specific positions. Individual coaching offers the possibility of …

  • working systematically on one's own personality
  • developing expertise
  • tackling objective
  • reflecting on daily conduct
  • discussing interpersonal problems and
  • finding suitable solutions. 

Through long years of experience coaching has long been fully integrated into our training programmes. The advantages of coaching compared with other consulting and training methods lie in precise and individual measures in which tailor-made improvement strategies are prepared jointly developed and agreed with the participant. Coaching is particularly recommendable for managers/employees faced with the following situations:

  • New professional challenges, e.g. in connection with a change of position or promotion.
  • Questions concerning one's own self-perception and self-assertion, e.g. regarding problems within the team, with the team leadership or amongst colleagues.
  • Concrete leadership problems, conflicts and misunderstandings between the departmental management and members of staff.
  • Questions surrounding changes of career direction.
  • Processes related to the determination and implementation of objectives.
  • Roles and conflicts of values.
  • Stress, overwork, burn-out.
  • Feedback for improved self-assessment.
  • Powers of self-assertion for women in everyday professional life.

Why Coaching with JETS?

Fundamental characteristics of professional coaching expertise are precise perceptive skills, experience of life, neutrality and empathy.

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THE IDEAL STAFF MEMBER Your company's most valuable resource is its members of staff.

JET’S objective is to support you in caring for this valuable resource. The Personality Profile Analysis (PPA) and the Human Job Analysis (HJA) are particularly effective in staff member development. We ascertain the personal requirements profile for the chosen position and the suitable person for this position.


The PPA is an instrument which enables you to measure and assess the personality factors of a person. It indicates how the delegate ….

  • behaves under “normal” circumstances
  • believes the changes need to be made to his behaviour to be more successful in his position and career
  • behaviour under extreme pressure
  • possible behavioural inconsistencies and stress.


The HJA is an instrument which enables you to measure and assess the perception and attitude of an employee in terms of the following categories:

  • Individual work functions and positions
  • Individual work tasks
  • Functions and tasks of the group or department

Using these instruments, you will be assisted by JETS in achieving your objective of continuous improvement in the performance and profitability of your company.