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Together with an international team of trainers and experts, the Jets partners, Jane Elsner-Bonn and Jean Elsner have successfully worked internationally in a great diversity of industrial segments for many years.

Jane Elsner-Bonn - Managing Partner

Languages - English / German

Jane Elsner-Bonn, partner in the JETS International and managing partner of JETS Women, began her career in the early 90s as an international consultant and management trainer. During this time, she has carried out and managed many European projects in the fields of process optimization, change management, training and coaching.

In her senior executive positions with international consulting companies, as well as through numerous executive coaching assignments, she has gained an intensive insight into leadership structures, behavioural styles and success factors. Her specialization lies in management and organizational development, leadership and behavioural training, change management and the implementation of large group formats. She has been working in Western Europe and Egypt for many years where she has gained experience not only of training but also of operative and intercultural themes.

Jane is a moderator and key-note speaker on specialized topics e.g. Cultural Integration, Effective Change Management and Success Factors for Women in Business and is booked by organisations such as the British Chamber of Commerce, European Central Bank and German Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

Jane is a BSc Psychologist as well as an NLP Business and Master Practitioner. Moderation, training and coaching can be delivered by Jane in both English and German.

Jean Elsner – Managing Partner

Languages - English / German

As founder and Managing Partner of the JETS International, Jean Elsner can look back on a long personal and professional history. Originally from England, she came to Germany in the 1960s where she spent many years managing a very successful retail company. In 1990 she founded JETS Training and, with enthusiasm and skill, has established a strong presence in the German market for leadership and sales training.

As a coach and trainer with particular emphasis on potential analyses and personnel development, leadership, intercultural communication and business behaviour, handling conflicts, mediation as well as empowerment of women in management positions, her services are in demand from major German and international groups. Her work is founded on a broad range of qualifications. She has already accompanied many coaching participant during their career advancement. Jean conducts training and coaching measures in English and German.